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Organic Bug Bite Relief


Convenient, easy to use and a perfect travel companion. Take this roll-on with you everywhere to give relief from stings, bites, scrapes and minor burns.* Simply shake the vial and apply to area for fast relief.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

How to Use: Apply to minor cuts, burns, scrapes, bug bites and bruises.

Ingredients: Organic witch hazel, organic tea tree, organic lavender essential oil

Gluten Free/Vegan

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Bug bite relief

Amazing product!
Posted by Laura O'Brien, Jun 2nd 2020


My daughter finds this product very soothing to skin. She suffers from eczema and even though she doesn't have a bug bite, this seems to bring her skin the comfort she needs to stop scratching.
Posted by Michelle Massie, Aug 1st 2019

Bug Bite Relief

This stuff is quite literally awesome! I discovered it 2 years ago and it tends to fly off the shelf at our healthfood store. I missed out this year and had to go online to buy...hence this review. It is quite literally the only bug bite relief we have ever used (me and 7 kids) that works almost immediately. For my more reactive kids it occasionally takes 2 or 3 times of rolling on about 5 min apart but after that...done. No more itching. No more swelling. No more redness. Well worth every penny.
Posted by C, Aug 2nd 2018