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Organic Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil with Vitamin E


You will love the versatility of this organic skin care oil. Containing vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins, sweet almond oil is safe to use on the delicate areas around your eyes, serves to moisturize and protect your overall skin during the daytime hours, and can be applied at night to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Added Vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, increases the natural all-purpose benefits. The product also multi-tasks as a makeup remover.

  • Contains minerals and vitamins and is rich in protein
  • Is good for all skin types and helps to relieve dryness, itching, and inflammation
  • Has a high concentration of essential fatty acids
  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant to protect against free radicals
  • Nourishes the skin as it deeply moisturizes

How to Use: Dispense small amount of organic facial oil into palm and use fingers to rub into target areas. Can also be used as a water-proof mascara remover. Please use caution to avoid direct contact with eyes.

Ingredients: Organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E.

Gluten Free/Vegan

SKU: 2193
Skin Type: Normal, Sensitive


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