Collection: Non-Toxic Bug Spray

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional bug sprays and insect repellents, there’s no better choice than non-toxic bug spray from Brittanie’s Thyme. Skip the harsh chemicals that leave your skin feeling dry and looking irritated. Instead, choose Brittanie’s Thyme non-toxic bug spray to get what’s best for your skin without skimping on bug protection.

The best non-toxic bug spray contains only natural ingredients, including essential oils, organic peppermint, organic cedar wood, and more. We chose each individual component for its natural bug-repellent properties to create a blend that will have even the most stubborn mosquitoes and flies buzzing away in no time. Plus, we don’t use harsh chemicals like DEET or synthetic fragrances that clog pores and leave skin feeling tacky, so our non-toxic bug spray is safe to use around children and pets.


Our non-toxic bug spray and insect repellent has a formula that works to keep biting insects away while also hydrating and revitalizing your skin. Unlike traditional bug sprays and insect repellents, our vegan bug spray won’t leave your skin smelling like chemicals and feeling sticky. Instead, you can expect a refreshing, moisturizing layer of natural ingredients to keep the bugs away without sacrificing comfort.

We totally get it - you care about animals and the environment, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with pesky bugs. We're here to help you protect yourself while still staying true to your values.That’s why we’ve created a bug spray and insect repellent that is kind to you and the environment. We have several sizes and options so you can pick the perfect amount, whether you need a large bottle for the whole family or you’re picking up a smaller size that’s perfect for a weekend of solo camping

READY FOR USE ON THE GOIt’s a great choice to use our non-toxic bug spray for home use, like mowing the lawn or working in the garden. You’ll also love it for camping trips, outdoor exercise, and picnics. Pack up the car for a pleasant afternoon drive, load up some snacks for a midday meal by the water, or gear up to conquer your next mountain, knowing that Brittanie’s Thyme products will protect you.

With our bug spray, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky bugs. So, the next time you’re headed outdoors, bring our non-toxic bug spray and insect repellent. It’s the perfect way to keep mosquitos, ticks, fleas, flies, and other insects at bay.

In addition to being an effective bug repellent, Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Bug Repellent Spray also has a pleasant aroma. The combination of citrus and herbal scents is light and refreshing and won’t leave you smothered in a cloud of chemical-laden fumes. It also won’t leave any greasy residue on your skin or clothes.

GET A HELPING HAND FROM BRITTANIE’S THYMEWhen it comes to outdoor activities, it’s essential to be prepared with an effective bug repellent. Brittanie's Thyme non-toxic bug spray is an all-natural, safe solution to help keep those bugs away. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that won’t leave you feeling like you’re bathing in a pool of toxic chemicals.

Go ahead — enjoy the great outdoors, and keep those bugs at bay with Brittanie's Thyme non-toxic bug spray!