Collection: Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

Instead of relying on harsh hand sanitizers to clean your hands on the go, there's a better option available: plant-based alcohol hand sanitizer gel. Plant-based hand sanitizer is made with organic and vegan ingredients, such as essential oils. This makes them a more natural and safer option than traditional hand sanitizers with harsh chemicals.

Moreover, plant-based alcohol hand sanitizer is just as effective as traditional hand sanitizers. They kill bacteria and viruses on contact, leaving your hands clean and disinfected. If you're looking for a safe and natural hand sanitizer, plant-based options are your best bet.

Whether you’re buying hand sanitizer for your classroom during cold and flu season or you’re adding a sanitizer station to the workplace to help keep you and your coworkers germ-free, you want to ensure you’re using high-quality products that are as effective as they are suitable for your skin and the planet. That’s why you should consider using a plant-based hand sanitizer gel that relies on gentle, safe, and non-toxic ingredients and plant-derived alcohols, like ethyl alcohol from sugar cane.

Many hand sanitizers are available to consumers these days, but a lot of them contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that can be harmful to your health. A plant-based hand sanitizer is a great option if you're looking for an alternative. They're made with natural ingredients, so they're gentle on your skin, and they won't harm the environment.

There are a lot of different plant-based hand sanitizer options on the market, so it can take some searching to figure out which one is right for you. Or, you can turn to the experts at Brittanie’s Thyme. Brittanie’s Thyme offers several sizes and styles of plant-based alcohol hand sanitizer so you can mix and match to build the perfect sanitizer bundle for your office or school.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers made from plants are a great choice for people who are looking for a powerful sanitizer. The CDC commonly recommends alcohol-based sanitizers, and you can enjoy the benefits of a plant-based alcohol hand sanitizer that has the same bacteria-reducing power of a harsher, odorous alcohol-based sanitizer. Brittanie’s Thyme offers a luxurious plant-based alcohol hand sanitizer that leaves your skin fresh while removing bacteria and germs

If you're looking for a hand sanitizer that's gentle on your skin and good for the environment, you can’t go wrong with a plant-based hand sanitizer gel from Brittanie’s Thyme. They're made with natural ingredients, so they're easy on sensitive skin and won't harm the environment since they’re biodegradable and plant-derived. In addition, our products are eco-conscious and skin-conscious all at once, so you can get the added benefits without buyer’s remorse over harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment.

Are you ready to try a high-quality plant-based hand sanitizer gel that leaves you feeling fresh and clean? Brittanie’s Thyme has you covered with a wide assortment of organic, cruelty-free styles and sizes that you can easily take with you when you’re out and about or stock up on for your home, classroom, or business. Contact us today to learn more about school-specific pricing and bulk orders so you can keep your hands clean and fresh all day long.