Collection: Natural Hand Sanitizer



Natural Hand Sanitizers are Effective and Safe

At Brittanie’s Thyme, our biggest priority is making products that are effective, good for the environment, and good for you. It’s true, some companies promote “natural” hand sanitizers that aren’t effective at killing germs. That’s not the case with Brittanie’s Thyme. Our hand sanitizers contain 62% Ethyl Alcohol, derived from sugar cane. The CDC recommends hand sanitizers contain at least 60% Ethyl Alcohol, so we have that covered, and because we use ethyl alcohol from sugar cane, our sanitizer smells better and is better for the environment.

Benefits of Using Natural or Organic Hand Sanitizer

The benefits of using natural or organic hand sanitizers are endless. Not only are you killing germs and keeping yourself safe from sickness, but because of the ingredients used in natural and organic hand sanitizers, you are treating your body better. Harsh chemicals in typical hand sanitizers can dry out and crack your skin, as well as have a foul odor. Those issues aren’t present in organic or natural sanitizers because we put equal focus on eliminating germs and nourishing your skin.