"I just wanted to let you know I've been so happy with the moisturizer!  I am getting over the flu, which included copious amounts of blowing my nose, hence a severely sore raw and chapped nose and above the lips.  I used extra moisturizer constantly over a few days, and 1) it never burned/stung my raw nose like lotion does, and 2) it helped heal the sore/chapped areas SO FAST. I am so impressed and grateful for that!!" - Elizabeth B.

"I wanted to share with you what a wonderful product I think you have! I am a previously dedicated My Essense user and have been looking for “clean” skin care along that would provide me with great clean results, easy to understand ingredients and a affordable price – you did it for me. I have been reading several different skin care labels only to find that they are not really as natural/organic as they claim, you did not disappoint me. Thank you for making such great products and becoming part of my new organic lifestyle." - Annette M., Chesterfield MI

"I love these products. I used Estee Lauder skincare for 14 years before changing. I love that all of the ingredients are natural! And my skin is much more hydrated then it ever was before:)" - Jodie R. Grand Rapids, MI

 "I am excited to see how the everyday moisturizer works in the winter, but for now I can say it is very nice for summer.  The new formula is an improvement in the silkier application and absorption into the skin.  The scent is light and neutral (the boyfriend "borrows").  Thanks for another great product Brittanies Thyme!" - Freyja C.

Facial Freedom
“I just want to say the line of facial freedom products has really helped me! It is soo much better than anything else I have ever used. Thanks for starting such a great company and knowing how and which ingredients to use to make such a great product.” - Feroze S.

Organic Bug Spray
“The organic insect repellent not only works very well, but it smells great!! Bugs may land, but they immediately fly away without biting. Even the males in my family don't mind using it since the scent is rather appealing instead of chemical. This was my favorite find of the summer. Thanks Brittanie's Thyme!” - Beth C.  

"I was wrong about your organic Bug Spray.  I am a new customer who goes to the UP in Michigan vacationing and after a couple uses I thought it didn’t work.  My sister-in-law simply asked me if I shock the bottle before each use and I had to answer “no”.  Once I started shaking the bottle as it instructed me to mix the essential oils, it really worked.  Bugs always love me, but now I am enjoying my visits to the UP a whole lot more." - Judith M, Howard City MI

"This product is unbelievable! I love that it is not full of chemicals because the kids and I use it in the evenings and do not wash off before heading to sleep. Also, I use it while working on our forested land and have not been bitten nor been bothered by ticks. Nice job on the formulation. Thank you." - Michelle M.

“What a wonderful product. I no longer have to trade off being stuck inside when the bugs are out. I hated using teh chemical repellents not only did they smell bad, they left a sticky reside on my skin. YUCK The spray works so well, I have shared it with everyone that I am outside with. My niece will only use this product on her 6 year old. Recently "Sara" was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Sara was sent inside when the bugs started coming out because she would develop HUGE welts from mosquito bites, they would get infected, and she would have to start on antibiotics. You see as a diabetic healing takes so much longer. You have really opened up the summer nights for this 6 year old. She can now chase lighting bugs, be a part of bonfires and song, and 4th of July was spectacular. Thank you so much for this product. I will be a forever customer.” - Pat H.

Facial Freedom

Hi! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for making Facial Freedom! I have literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my acne, and nothing worked! I was recently shopping at a whole foods store and came across your products, and since the first time I used them (3-ish months ago) I have had not one single breakout! Thank you so so so much!! Truly a Lifesaver!" - Pamela H.