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Brittanie's Thyme

Ultimate Cleansing Bundle

Ultimate Cleansing Bundle

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The Ultimate Cleansing Bundle gives you everything you need for a complete facial cleanse. Start with the Eye Makeup Cleansing Oil that is a gentle formula made with the nature’s best oils and Vitamin E to remove eye makeup. It also serves as a daily treatment to pamper the delicate skin around the eye area.

After cleansing the eye area, we recommend our Citric Facial Cleanser for an all-over facial cleanse. This soap-free formula contains aloe and vegetable glycerin for a deep, nourishing cleanse. Its jojoba oil provides the moisture while the witch hazel, grapefruit, and rosemary remove unwanted oil and residue. This cleanser is silky and will leave you with a luxurious clean feeling without drying out your skin.

For a deeper cleanse, we offer a Balancing Facial Toner to use after the facial cleanser to further get rid of the built-up dirt, oils, and any leftover makeup at the end of the day. This toner is gentle enough for skin sensitivities and helps to balance and restore skin’s pH to optimum levels for a healthy glow. * A good follow up after cleansing is using the Eye Cleaning Oil as an eye treatment. Just pat a few drops around each eye.

After cleansing, a good skin care routine should include good facial serums and moisturizers. We suggest our Hyaluronic Serum, Vitamin C Serum, and a moisturizer such as our Everyday Facial Moisturizer or Protective Moisturizer. Both are silky smooth and light enough to leave your skin moisturized without being too oily.

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